Summer Associates

Gain a new perspective with practical experience.

Capes Sokol’s Summer Associate Program provides second-year law students with challenging assignments which require them to work together with Shareholders and Associates in the real work of the firm. Summer Associates learn to address the practical problems our clients face under the guidance of our experienced attorneys.  The program is structured such that Summer Associates are exposed to as many of the firm’s practice areas as possible. Our goal is that each Summer Associate learns something on the range of subjects covered and the activities required in the firm’s various practice areas, and becomes familiar with all of our lawyers and the skills they utilize to accomplish our clients’ goals.

Our Summer Associate Program is managed by a shareholder and an associate and receives unqualified support from everyone in the firm. Capes Sokol commits significant resources and effort to conduct a high-quality Summer Associate Program that is both enriching for participants and beneficial to the firm as a whole.


Summer Associates may be tasked with conducting legal research, ranging from a quick verification or citation for known rules and principles, to an in-depth response to complicated legal questions memorialized in a formal memorandum. They may have tasks related to discovery or document review and may be included in a team assembled to write a brief or gather information in support of complicated motions and memoranda.

In addition, the program has an experiential component in which we acquaint Summer Associates to aspects of the legal practice which are rarely touched upon in the academic setting of law school. This often includes accompanying our attorneys to court appearances, depositions, mediations, trials, real estate closings, client meetings, and strategy discussions and negotiations with opposing counsel.

We also add a social aspect to the program so that our Summer Associates have the opportunity to get to know firm personnel and learn their different perspectives on both the practice of law and firm culture. Likewise, members of the firm have the opportunity, outside the office setting, to become better acquainted with the Summer Associates on a personal level. Our Summer Associates regularly attend scheduled lunches, happy hours, and networking and other social and community events with our attorneys.

In addition to development of legal skills, involvement in the daily fabric of legal practice, and exposure to a wide variety of practice areas, our Summer Associates are afforded the opportunity to participate in luncheon meetings with our Shareholders who share their views on topics such as business development, managing client expectations, and law firm administration.


We typically interview applicants in late summer and early fall to fill two positions for the Summer Associate Program.  On-campus interviews will be conducted at the University of Missouri School of Law-Columbia, St. Louis University School of Law, and Washington University School of Law.  If any second-year law student is unable to interview through on-campus interviews or attends another law school, please submit your resume, transcript, writing sample, and cover letter to Deborah A. Trachsel, Executive Director, Capes Sokol, 7701 Forsyth Boulevard, Twelfth Floor, St. Louis, Missouri 63105-1818.


Summer Associate Program Co-Chairs

Amy L. Fehr
Sarah J. Luem


“The summer program at Capes Sokol gave me a chance to work with talented and experienced attorneys in a fun and supportive environment. I was given a wide variety of assignments from the Litigation, Business and Real Estate, and Tax Controversy practice groups. At Capes Sokol I was not only given the opportunity to work on exciting projects, but I was also given the opportunity to attend depositions, trials, client meetings, and practice group meetings. Every attorney and staff member at Capes Sokol was helpful, collaborative, and excited about the great work the firm is doing. At Capes Sokol it was energizing to be treated as a valuable member of the firm with a responsibility to do great and meaningful work, just like any other associate in the firm. The attorneys at Capes Sokol genuinely cared about my development and my future. The unique culture at Capes Sokol was a truly enriching experience that will benefit my career for years to come.”

Brian T. Stachowski, 2018 Summer Associate


“Having finished my summer at Capes Sokol, I can say with certainty it was a highly rewarding experience. It is a rare place in that it has the high-end clientele and quality work-product of a large firm, but the culture and wholesomeness of a small one. I never met an unkind person at Capes Sokol. Each attorney and staff member was willing to take their time to answer my questions and point me in the right direction, and were always very warm when doing so. The work was extremely varied and rewarding, involving both transactional law and litigation; in a single summer I was able to experience both the intricacies of a foreclosure process and the rigorous research, client counseling, and strategy behind a civil suit. While there I was afforded the opportunity to work for companies I truly respected, alongside attorneys I grew to greatly admire. Capes Sokol is a firm which not only wants you to do your best, but is willing to show you how. I would highly recommend spending a summer or longer there if you get the chance.”

Sam W. Crosby, 2018 Summer Associate


“My summer associate experience at Capes Sokol was excellent in all respects. I went into the summer hoping for a well-rounded experience, and was given substantive, interesting projects in nearly every area of law offered by the firm. The attorneys and staff were collegial, supportive, and always conscious of ensuring that the summer associates’ workload was full, yet manageable.”

Graham N. Johnson, 2018 Summer Associate