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Gin & Pelotonic: An Exercise in Restraint

Peloton, a seller of stationary bikes and other exercise equipment, recently released a now-infamous commercial titled “The Gift That Gives Back.” The 30-second ad, which has received over 8 million views as of this blog post, features an already fit wife, portrayed by actress Monica…
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Nothing Lasts Forever . . . Non-Compete Agreements Included

Successful companies make significant investments in their employees in the form training, relationships, sharing confidential or proprietary information and other resources. If all goes well, a company’s employees can become valuable assets. As such, an employer should protect the value of its “employee” assets, just…
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Sabin Elected to HavenHouse Board of Directors

Brian J. Sabin, Capes Sokol Shareholder, has been elected to the Board of Directors of HavenHouse St. Louis. HavenHouse St. Louis is a hospital hospitality house with the mission to provide the comfort of home and community of support to patients and their families traveling…
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