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New media outlets and distribution models are creating fresh opportunities for original content to flourish on screens of all sizes. Unfortunately, the laws of copyright and contract have not kept pace. As a result, courts are forced to grapple with outmoded contract language as they struggle to pour the equivalent of new wine into old bottles. The entertainment and media attorneys at Capes Sokol help creators, producers and distributors protect their works and realize their visions. We represent television production companies, radio stations, newspapers, music producers, independent film projects, digital entertainment companies, musicians, artists, talent, photographers, music labels, authors, and independent producers in connection with their business formation, deal structure, network and distribution contracts, talent agreements, production legal, social media influencer agreements, publishing contracts, rights acquisition and clearance, Fair Use, licensing, and copyright and trademark protection.

We strive to help our clients put structures in place to clarify the parties’ obligations and thereby avoid litigation. But sometimes disputes arise that can’t be resolved out of court. When that happens, we are ready. Our entertainment and media attorneys include experienced litigators and trial attorneys. We have represented comic book authors and publishers, tattoo artists, toy companies, musicians, photographers, and artists in infringement, right of publicity, joint authorship, and breach of contract cases, through all aspects of motion practice, trial, arbitration and appeal.

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  • Business Formation and Deal Structure

  • Production Legal Contracts for Television, Digital, and Film

  • Rights Acquisition

  • Copyright and Trademark Registration

  • Network Agreements

  • Domestic and International Distribution Agreements

  • Merchandising and Licensing

  • Music Licensing

  • Music Industry Recording and Management Agreements

  • Litigation and Enforcement

Practice in Action

  • Represented the musicians who created the “Joyful Noise” song in their copyright infringement lawsuit against Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), Capitol Records, and other defendants over the Katy Perry song “Dark Horse.” (Gray, et al. v. Perry, et all, Civil Action 2:15-cv-5642 (C.D.Cal.))
  • General counsel for entertainment production company Coolfire Studios, negotiating all contracts, including network agreements, talent agreements, location agreements, rights acquisition and clearance, independent contractor crew deal memos, and insurance coverage, for more than 20 television shows, as well as commercial productions, documentary films and digital entertainment projects
  • Counsel for independent television, digital, and film producers
  • Business formation of production subsidiaries for individual television shows and feature films, including equity raise and investor relations
  • Created merchandising and licensing entities and deal structures to capture opportunities arising out of television shows and independent films, including a whiskey brand, apparel, shoes, food, and travel
  • Represented international photographer Michael Eastman in his copyright infringement lawsuit against NBCUniversal and Bravo TV over use of one of his photographs in an episode of Million Dollar Decorators (Eastman et al v. NBCUniversal Media, LLC et al, Civil Action No. 4:11-cv-1296 (E.D. Mo.).Counsel for the purchase and sale of radio stations and related licensing
  • Recording, management, and concierge services agreements for musicians and bands, including The Mighty Pines
  • Represented Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist in his copyright infringement lawsuit over the use of his facial tattoo artwork on another character in the motion picture The Hangover Part II. (Whitmill v. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Civil Action No. 4:11-cv-752 (E.D. Mo.)
  • Represented hip-hop producer in a joint-ownership copyright case against Atlantic Records and Grammy-nominated performers
  • Represented creators and publishers of comic books, animated television series, and feature films in Right of Publicity and Copyright litigation



Practice Group Chairs

Michael A. Kahn
Senior Counsel
Pete Salsich III
Of Counsel


Kara L. Lambert
Brian J. Sabin

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