Firm History

Relentless Drive to Improve

Strategic-Focused Growth

“For those of us who joined the firm after April 1, 2001, our firm’s anniversary holds a special meaning. Our anniversary is a chance to reflect on what brought us together, the values of the firm established not only by its founders but by each one of us who came after. We recognize that together we are a better law firm than if we are apart – especially now.”Adam E. Miller, Shareholder

Community-Focused Leadership

Collaborative Approach to Clients

“Capes Sokol clients include individuals and organizations with sophisticated, complex challenges and opportunities. They enjoy working with us because we are non-judgmental, excellent listeners, creative, pragmatic, and dedicated toward giving the best advice, achieving results and managing through their problems and challenges efficiently, humanely and ethically.”John S. Meyer, Jr., Shareholder

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