Firm Culture

A culture that drives everyone forward.

At Capes Sokol, we believe every employee is an essential part of what we do. That’s why we’ve built our culture based on collaboration, not hierarchy. We encourage people to use their talents, perspectives and experiences to deliver meaningful results for our clients.

That’s a philosophy that extends beyond the four walls of our office, too. We believe a work-life balance is central to the success of our employees and our firm. We value our employees’ personal time, and we encourage everyone to take vacations and spend time with their families.

Above all, people enjoy working at Capes Sokol – and in turn, our clients enjoy working with us.

Law Firm Culture

Professional development program

We take a collaborative approach to the practice of law, so we encourage each of our employees to gain experience in a broad range of practice areas. We also encourage our associates to get involved in professional activities, both inside and outside of their everyday practice areas.

Mentoring program

Each associate is paired with a shareholder to provide one-on-one career development opportunities. They meet regularly, inside and outside the office to share experiences and knowledge. We believe this is the best way to connect our shareholders with the next generation of firm leaders and to reinforce the Capes Sokol culture.

Continuing education

We fully support our staff members’ efforts to continue learning, even beyond mandated continuing education programs. We subsidize the expenses of joining professional organizations and attending national and local continuing education programs. Each month, we host in-house programs on a wide range of topics, presented by Shareholders, Associates, Paralegals and special guests.

Pro bono program

We also encourage our professionals to make contributions to our community. We recognize and celebrate the time they spend serving on nonprofit boards. We also represent nonprofit organizations and underserved individuals on a volunteer basis.